The Way

by Outshined

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All music written by Outshined.


released April 14, 2016

Recorded and Produced by Jordan Faett at Earth Lab Studios
Mastered by Anthony Vi
Art by Nick Miller
Guest Vocals by Pat Existence on "The Way"



all rights reserved


Outshined Richmond, Virginia

Vocals - Brian
Guitar - Will
Guitar - Zach
Bass - Chris
Drums - Zack

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Track Name: Unlearned
The air so desolate
Deaf ears and not cognizant
Of the fall that's in the midst
Of this critical junction
It's like pushing forward against a wall
Of broken bodies that can't defend themselves
From a system that reaps and sows
Another new way to cleanse poor souls

Systematically destroying ourselves as we sit back waiting for the pain
The pain the crushes and guts our insides
Until we have no choice but to break
Lives forgotten, lives ignored
Deaf to it all we're running the course
In an age where seeing is believing
I've seen enough to know who's bleeding
And who's above the law

I feel the demise
Track Name: Faceless
Not a moment for a different view
And every condemnation colored with righteous hue
Never a time will I see how I will ever find peace
While you're still here always expecting you to be


I remember you were ready to sell out and cash in
Expecting your due
Fall in to place in the tired circus
No dirt in your past
No scars on your wrist

If I had it my way the world would have left you for dead
Before your master called
Anticipating your fall

Now I will know that the truth should never be swallowed whole
Track Name: The Way
The air, the calm, the bliss
Reality gone amiss
Forgotten feeling that's never there
Day by day without a care

Total ignorance of the self
Cause I can never be someone else
With the tide to get by
Living on the fringe of this life

Aging, growing, dying
And always forward my way
Finding myself again
Ride the wave to the end

The Way

Break the icy chains that bind me
Take my pain away
No use in running or fighting
This is the fucking way
Track Name: Slave to the Truth
Slave to the truth but you lie through your teeth
Plague of ignorance
Your bell has rung with humanity's

There is no regard in justice
There is no patience in hubris
The truth is hard to swallow
While drowning in your sins
Your voice fades into the dark
Into the dark of humanity's wasteland
Where dead eat the dead
You'll never let us forget transgressions we have made
And you're afraid to admit we can't be saved

When the end has come, who matters?
Some things don't matter when your life is on the fucking line

Fear those who have been outshined
Fall to your knees
You're the disease