by Outshined

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released February 7, 2015

Recorded and mixed in December 2014 by Bob Quirk at Studio F12
Mastered by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios in February 2015



all rights reserved


Outshined Richmond, Virginia

Vocals - Brian
Guitar - Will
Guitar - Zach
Bass - Chris
Drums - Zack

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Track Name: No Chance For You
The more you talk the more I become
Infatuated with sending you on
The ride of your fucking life
You've made your final threat
Better be ready for my fists
I've missed having an enemy
Happy to have you right in front of me
Feel unstoppable got no remorse
No regards for limits at your door
To bust you up and make you crack a smile
So feel my kiss and stay awhile
You're vile
And I don't care what happens to you next
Be my guest

No chance for you
Fuck you, you know you're wrong
I'm taking you out it's been too long
Too fucking long
Track Name: World Denial
Starting to question where I'm at
Told myself long ago I don't have to be the best
Like the rest who fire away
Who fire away their quips while facing the other way
My perception of my world has got me down
I gotta find myself
Tired of being spun around
I've allowed more than I can
So please listen
And let me be
And I'll break free

My world denial's got me fading away
I'm losing faith with every second I wait
Track Name: Caught in Fear
Nothing left to say
It's crawling up my spine
And set my insides on fire
Respite, my only desire
My obligation is to feel this way
I've got no control
Don't tell me I'll be okay
Caught in fear
Caught in fear and pain

Caught by my head no control for my body and soul

Caught in fear
Caught in fear and pain
Track Name: On Your Time
Where were you?
Where was I back then?
I look at you and you can't deny it
You can't deny you lost your way
And I lost mine
I promise my friend, this will fade in time
On your time
Writing this letter for you, I wish you'd read it
Crying out to you, and I wish you'd hear it
You've amounted to nothing
If you could hear me now, this is what I'd tell you
Gotta free your mind
Fuck those you've left behind
You're not the same and that's okay
I felt the pain you feel
I promise your pain is real

Please free your mind
Fuck those you left behind

Fuck em